Tools & Tasks

This section will introduce you to the different tools and functions available with the mapping system. All of these tools are user friendly, so learning how to use them should be relatively simple. Plus, once you understand what these operations are and what they do, your mapping experiences with the system will be more efficient and (most importantly) more enjoyable.

The Toolset Menu

The Toolset contains a number of Toolbars which display the various tools that are available for interacting with and using your map. A Toolbox (found in the Toolset) is where all the tools and functions are organized. Click on the Toolbox to choose the specific set of tools you want to have displayed in the Toolbar.

Figure 1. The Toolset menu

Measure Coordinates

The Tools

Click on the Toolbox you want to learn about, or select a specific tool to go directly to the right section.

The Navigation Toolbox allows you to move around the map, zoom in and out, measure and magnify features on a map.

Zoom InZoom OutPanZoom to Full ExtentIdentifyMeasureMagnifyMap BackMap Forward

The Selection Toolbox offers different methods for identifying and selecting features on a map.

Select by PointSelect by PolylineSelect by PolygonSelect by RectangleSelect by OvalSelect by CircleShow Selection Summary

The Markup Toolbox provides tools for drawing shapes (e.g. points, lines, polygons) and adding text on a map.

Point MarkupPolyline MarkupPolygon MarkupRectangle MarkupOval MarkupCircle MarkupMarkup TextBuffer MarkupErase MarkupClear All Markup

The Project Toolbox allows you to save your current map or open an existing map project.

Save ProjectOpen Project

The Print Toolbox creates a print version of a map using a preset layout, with an accurate scale and legend.

Print LayoutPrint Map Template
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