Report Tool

The Report Tool allows you to query a specific region on the map. The tool will bring back a categorized (based on waterbody type) list of waterbodies (for the selected region) for which you can view a report.

Working with the Report Tool

Zoom to your area/waterbody of interest. Note that the waterbody layers will not be visible for scales smaller than 1:200,000.

Unlike the Map Tips, the Report Tool will report on all the waterbody types it finds, however, as for Map Tips, you must specifiy an element (status, risk, etc.).

Activate the Report Tool by clicking on the report tool icon Report Tool Icon, which is situated on the Navigation toolbar. Once you have activated the Report Tool you can select a region of interest on the map (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Report Tool - selecting a region on the map.

Report Tool

The system will search for all the waterbodies in the selected region, categorizing them by waterbody type (rivers, lakes, etc.) (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Report Tool - waterbody list.

Report Tool

You can highlight a waterbody on the map by clicking the highlight icon Highlight Icon (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Report Tool - highlight feature on the map.

Report Tool

Finally, you can open a report for the desired waterbody by clicking the report icon Report Icon.