The Project Toolbox

The Project Toolbox (Figure 1) offers you the option of saving your map work as a project that you can access at a later date. There are several methods of saving your work, so you can choose the one that works the best for you.

Figure 1. The Project Toolbox

Save ProjectOpen Project
Save Project (Figure 2)
The Save Project tool allows you to save a mapping session for later use or reference. Click the Save Project tool to save your current map viewer extent, layer configuration, and any added mark-up to be accessed at a later date. You can choose to copy the Project ID for future use, or download your project file and open it later using the Open Project tool. You can also copy the hyperlink provided to open your project in a browser window, as well as use the URL for emailing or adding to your map browser favorites.
Open Project (Figure 2)
The Open Project tool allows you to open a previously saved map session. To reopen a map session, select the Open Project tool and locate your project in one of two ways. You can enter the Project ID of a saved project and hit ‘Submit,’ or you can click ‘Browse’ to search for a project that was downloaded to your computer, then press ‘Upload’ to open the file.

Figure 2. Save and Open Project Panels

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Upload Shapefile (Figure 3)
The Upload Shapefile tool allows you to upload a Shapefile to the Essentials application and have the features presented as a layer within your map. This layer will function the same way as other map layers, allowing you to perform all the same operations (navigating the layer, identifying and selecting features, viewing legend, etc.) as well as save the layer and all associated markup as part of a saved project. To use this function, select the Upload Shapefile tool from the toolbar. Next, fill in the requested information in the Upload Shapefile window that appears, including the name and color of the new layer, along with the file paths for the three files that create a Shapefile (.shp, .dbf, .shx).

Figure 3. The Upload Shapefile Panel

Upload Shapefile
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