Map Tips

Map Tips provide a fast means of accessing information for waterbodies. They provide a snapshot of a waterbody's status and quick access to reports.

Working with Map Tips

Map Tips are designed to work with the selected element and selected waterbody. By default, the system is configured to report on Status for Rivers (Figure 1). If, for example, you are interested in finding out Risk information for lakes, then you must select the Risk element and Lake waterbody

Figure 1. The Preferences panel.

Preferences Panel

Zoom to your area/waterbody of interest. Note that the waterbody layers will not be visible for scales smaller than 1:200,000.

To view information about a waterbody, simply hover your mouse over it. A popup panel will display a colour-coded set of symbols (except for Measures - Figure 3), representing specific tests and their result. Click on the report icon/s Report Icon to open a report (Figure 2).

Remember that only features belonging to the selected waterbody type will activate when hovering with the mouse.

Figure 2. Map Tips for Status element and River waterbody.

Map Tips

Figure 3. Map Tips for Measures element and Subbasin waterbody.

Map Tips

For more details, just hover over each symbol (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Map Tips - Symbol details.

Map Tips