The Print Toolbox

The Export Toolbox (Figure 1) is where you will go when you want to print a copy of your map. The map will be presented within a preset layout, complete with a title, accurate scale, and legend.

Figure 1. The Export Toolbox

Print LayoutPrint Map Template
Print Layout (Figure 2)
To print an image of your map, select the Print Layout tool. The ‘Zoom To’ drop-down menu allows you to select either the current map scale, the current map extent, or a standard map scale as the map area. Choose the format you want for your map image and press ‘Go.’ An image of your map will be exported to a browser window from which it can be printed.

Figure 2. Print Layout

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Print Map Template (Figure 3)
The Print Map Template allows you to export a printable map using a variety of pre-defined sizes/formats and file types. Depending on how these templates are configured, some fields may or may not be available for customization.

In the example below, after selecting a template from the drop-down list ("8.5x11 Landscape"), the user is presented with a variety of fields to customize their printable map. Document resolution (High, Medium, Low), title and notes fields are available for customization. This template also allows the user to choose a desired output format or file type.

Clicking on "Export" will prepare your printable map document for download. When your document is ready, you will be prompted to download the file.

Figure 3. Print Map Template

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