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EU Water Framework Directive resources

  • Click here to go to the European Commission website.
  • Click here to view the text of the Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council)
  • The Characterisation and Analysis of Irelandís River Basin Districts (Water Framework Directive Article 5 Reports) -

  • Click here to access the report and associated documentation.
  • EPA Monitoring Programmes

  • EPA Water Framework Directive main page
  • EPA Water Framework Directive Monitoring Programme
  • Selected Relevant Regulations

  • Water Policy Regulations (S.I. No. 722 of 2003)
  • European Communities (Water Policy) Regulations, 2003 (SI No. 722), circular to local authorities

  • Water Policy Regulations (Amendment) S.I. No 413 of 2005
    • These Regulations amend Article 16 of the European Communities (Water Policy) Regulations, 2003 (which relate to the establishment of River Basin District Advisory Councils) in relation to matters such as the size , compostion, duration and time of establishment of the councils.  The Regulations also amend the list of relevant public authorities in the First Schedule of the 2003 Regulations.

  • River Basin District Advisory Councils (RBDAC)
  • North-South Related Documents

  • Managing Our Shared Waters - Joint North South Consultation Paper - March 2003
  • EU Guidance Documents

    The EU Member States, Norway and the European Commission have jointly developed a common strategy for supporting the implementation of the WFD. The main aim of this strategy is to allow a coherent and harmonious implementation of this Directive. The focus is on methodological questions related to a common understanding of the technical and scientific implications of the WFD. One of the main objectives of the strategy is the development of non-legally binding and practical guidance documents on various technical issues of the Directive. These guidance documents are targeted to those experts who are directly or indirectly implementing the Water Framework Directive in river basins. The structure, presentation and terminology is therefore adapted to the needs of these experts and formal, legalistic language is avoided wherever possible. The guidance documents developed under the Common Implementation Strategy play a key role in the process of implementing the WFD.

    The guidance documents can be downloaded directly from the EU website at:


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