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[   ]Abstraction Lakes Final Report Jan09.pdf23-Mar-2009 16:49 2.2M
[   ]Groundwater Abstractions February 2009 ISSUE_v2.pdf21-Apr-2009 13:29 3.4M
[   ]Lit Review of Env Flow Methods Final August 2008.pdf19-Mar-2009 15:54 199K
[   ]Pilot minimum instream flow method in Central Plain Rivers in Ireland-Final Report Final01.pdf29-May-2009 15:24 9.5M
[   ]Revised Risk Assessment Appendices A,B,C.pdf30-Mar-2009 17:48 2.5M
[   ]Revised River Risk Assessment Final Rev 02_without appendices.pdf30-Mar-2009 17:11 6.6M

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